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New Dimensions Foundation & New Dimensions Radio is a social profit, public benefit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) educational, organization supported by listeners. Their primary activity is independent production of broadcast dialogues that explore creative solutions to urgent challenges facing humankind.

New Dimensions Radio delivers life-affirming, socially and spiritually relevant information, practical knowledge and perennial wisdom through voices and visions of those who are asking new questions and looking at the world in positive and inspiring ways. Through the exchange of ideas and information we meet the future with greater energy and clarity.

New Dimensions fosters healthy mind, body and spirit while deepening our connections to self, family, community, planet and the natural world.

New Dimensions Cafe - A place where new ideas emerge from spirited conversation. Streaming on the web at

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To ease back pain, don't sit up straight

By Sara Goudarzi


I need all the help I can get. Skywatch helps me. Skywatch seems to be one of those timely reminders much like Grandma's aphorisms for health: an apple a day!

Skywatch is the astrological milieu surrounding and affecting us, regardless of Sun sign. Much like the tides of the ocean, energy levels ebb and flow. Our tidal chart  reflectes in the heavens: as above so below. Astrology gives us the gift of timing Ð the best days to see the doctor and your ex, teach the third grade, talk to your lawyer or the redhead of your dreams. When Skywatch is positive run the ad to sell your truck or house, make important sales calls, get your hair cut, visit relatives and try a new recipe.

Success for all endeavors ultimately falls on us as individuals.  Kiss Days can help you be more efficient and effective.  If you are comfortable in your routines, Quack Days will be light blemishes instead of high drama conflicts because you have a Heads Up! Zip it. Or Prepare to tuck & roll! 

Thank you, Mr. Ferguson.

Skywatch Publications
P.O. Box 61045
Corpus Christi, TX 78466

Essential Oils

EDUCATION: Young Living World


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Fuller Digital Media

Kirk Fuller has helped me to develop this website and produces videos in Mendocino County.

Yoga Mendocino

Mendocino Counties Non-profit Yoga Studio located in Ukiah, California.

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